Realme 9 launch teased, announcement soon?


(Cybertech) – Realme will soon give us our first bit of news on the upcoming refresh of its “number” series phones, and will do so as soon as this week according to one of the company’s executives. 

In a post on Twitter, Francis Wong – Realme CMO in India and Europe – suggested that the manufacturer will have some news on its Realme 9 series at the launch event for the 8s and 8i on 9 September. 

Of course, with those two phones likely to be less exciting models in the 8-series, it helps draw interest in a launch event that wouldn’t otherwise have wide appeal. 

In the tweet Realme’s executive confirms the current release schedule for the main numbered series of Realme phones. As it stands, the Oppo sister brand releases a Realme [X] and [X] Pro twice every year. 

Historically those numbered phones are generally mid-range phones in terms price and power. Sitting alongside the likes of the OnePlus Nord series in that  £250-£350 price bracket. 

We’d expect the 9-series to continue along that trend – especially now the GT series is here with its flagship billing. There’s not a huge amount of information out there about the Realme 9, but we’d surprised if it was a major update to the existing Realme 8. 

It’s more likely we’ll see a bit of a spec boost and not a lot else, but that’s purely an educated guess. We’ll keep you updated as more information surfaces. 

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