Roku testing rechargeable remote, but is it necessary?


(Cybertech) – Roku has soft-launched a rechargeable remote control for its streaming devices.

Found online by Redditor Kingtut206, the Roku Voice Remote Pro is available in the US for $29.99 as part of a “limited time offer”. It is currently being offered as part of the manufacturer’s early access program.

As well as a non-removable, rechargeable battery – which charges through micro-USB – it features hands-free voice functionality, a lost remote finder mode, personal shortcuts, and private listening through a headphone jack.

Apparently, only 2,000 units are available in this beta testing period but, if successful, it could rollout in more significant numbers and in other regions – possibly including the UK.

In all honesty though, we’re not sure we really need another rechargeable device in our lives. It does save cost and is slightly more eco-friendly to ditch the AAA batteries usually used, but we already have a litany of gadgets and gizmos we have to charge regularly.

In addition, having used the rechargeable Shield TV and Apple TV remotes, there’s nothing more irritating than wanting to watch something and finding out that something as simple as a remote control doesn’t work because it hasn’t been charged for a while.

So, while others might find it a little more useful, we’d rather stick to conventional batteries for now. At least until wireless charging is included. We could see that working in future, with a charging mat on an AV stand.

Hmmmm, where’s that number for Mr Roku?..

Writing by Rik Henderson.


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