Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 could cost less than previous models


(Cybertech) – Samsung’s next foldable clamshell smartphone is going to be cheaper than its predecessors, according to the latest supply chain analysis. 

The report comes via DSCC, which specialises in researching the latest developments in the display technology market. As well as reporting on elements like technological advances, it also looks in to cost, manufacturing and overall trends. 

One such note in its latest report claims that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (or whatever the next Z Flip model is called) will be more affordable than the original Z Flip or the follow-up Z Flip 5G. 

That’s only the beginning, as far as predictions go from the research firm, which also states that Samsung might launch another foldable form factor to go alongside the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip lineup for 2021. 

It’s claimed that Samsung could be planning a rollable smartphone with an extending display could be in development too, which would see it join the likes of TCL and Oppo in looking into that use for flexible panels. 

For many, the early foldable smartphones were seen as an unecessary luxury and very niche, mostly due to their really high retail prices. 

Samsung’s devices, for instance, were in the $1,500 ball park and pushing higher towards $2,000. For folding smartphones to become mainstream, that cost has to come down and – if the recent analysis is to be trusted – we may just see that happening next year. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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