Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 may arrive in 2021, skipping the 2


(Cybertech) – Samsung is expected to launch more foldable phones in 2021 – in addition to the Galaxy S21 series – and one of them shouldn’t be too expensive.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2 in 2020, and both phones will likely be updated in 2021. Galaxy Club has claimed that the cheaper foldable from Samsung in the new year will actually be the Galaxy Z Flip 3 with 4G connectivity. The website shared the upcoming phone’s model number (SM-F720F) and noted the F part indicates it is an international 4G/LTE model coming to Europe.

Keep in mind Samsung’s international 5G devices all have a B at the end of their model numbers.

The website didn’t have any other details to reveal, but given the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will likely be a 4G variant when it launches, it shouldn’t be an ultra-premium device with an expensive price tag (like we usually see with 5G devices). Instead, expect Samsung’s priciest foldable for 2021 to be the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Speaking of the Galaxy Z Fold 3… Galaxy Club did note the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will not be called Galaxy Z Flip 2 when it launches, even though it’ll be a second-generation refresh. That’s because the company wants the Flip and Fold series to go together, and the next Fold is expected to be called the Galaxy Z Fold 3. 

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series is thought to arrive in January, but its next generation of foldables will likely follow later, sometime in the spring, Galaxy Club added.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.


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