Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 to feature under-display camera


(Cybertech) – “Can confirm: Fold 3 has an under display camera,” reads the Tweet by Max Winebach, a freelance writer for Android Police with a strong track record, referring to Samsung’s next foldable Galaxy device.

While that’s not yet a fact – Samsung hasn’t confirmed this feature ahead of the Z Fold 3’s launch – there has been a long-running commentary about the Korean company’s use of under-display cameras.

It began back in January 2021, when Samsung officially teased its first under-display camera product – using the ‘UPC’ acronym, standing for ‘Under Panel Camera’, which the company has trademarked.

But that product wasn’t the then-unreleased Galaxy S21 flagship, as many thought possible to embody the technology, instead it was destined for a laptop. However, since February 2021 there’s been talk of the Galaxy Fold 3 adopting this UPC technology, as detailed by leaker IceUniverse.

It’s all part of the bigger picture of where the market is heading, too, with at least five under-display camera devices expected in the second half of 2021. Not all from Samsung, mind, as many other makers are playing their part too – indeed, ZTE was the front-runner, having already released the Axon 20 5G, which embodies the technology.

So there we have it: it’s all but confirmed that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have an under-display camera – or UPC if you want to go with the marketing department – when Samsung reveals it either later this month or next (if the rumours are to be believed). Exciting times.

Writing by Mike Lowe.


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