Samsung patented a triple-folding phone; Take a look


Samsung patented a triple-folding phone; Take a look

Samsung is working on a triple-folding phone. According to a new patent filed at the World Intellectual Property Organisation, the company indeed has plans for such a device. The patent was filed back in November 2020 and was published yesterday, on June 3.

The new Samsung foldable concept looks really impressive. In the patent pictures we can see a device with a single display that folds in two places. There aren’t any measurements of the device in the picture, but we can suggest that in open position it will be around the same size as the current Galaxy Z Fold 2.


To make the screen fold in two places, two hinges are seen in the pictures. One of the hinges folds inwards, like in the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the Galaxy Z Flip models we’ve come to know, while the other hinge folds outwards. This reminds us of the Huawei Mate XS, which used an outward folding display to ditch the need to add an additional outer display, like the one found on the current Galaxy Fold 2. The foldable panel is divided into three areas of equal size that are connected by the two hinges. The display also looks like it will have very small bezels, with a punch-hole selfie camera located on the top-right part of the display. There looks to be another camera with some sensors sitting behind one of the hinge mechanisms of the display, which are going to be used for when the folding mechanism is fully closed and the phone is in regular smartphone mode. The back of the phone reveals some interesting design features as well. We just mentioned the camera and sensors sitting on one of the hinges, and from the back we can see that this was made so the part of the display that becomes an outer-like display when folded outwards sits together with this second hinge, ditching the need for another punch-hole camera. This once again reminds us of the clever use of cameras on the Huawei Mate XS.


We can also see a triple-camera system on the back. On the side of the display there’s a speaker grill and a USB-C port. The patent images suggest that the display’s hinges can be adjusted to any angle you want. The folding concept device can also be set up in desktop view, enabling DeX mode, which brings a desktop-like experience to the phone/tablet. The middle part of the back of the phone will also have reverse wireless charging, as an earbuds case is shown in the patent photos charging on top of it.

But what is the point of this concept? Well, by triple folding the screen, you will be able to have a folding phone that expands it’s screen size from folded position even more. The possibilities this design brings are vast. You could have a regular smartphone pocketable experience when folded, you could unfold only one part of the screen for a mini tablet like, 4:3 or 1:1 aspect ratio experience when you’re on the move, or you can unfold all three hinges for a massive, 16:9 experience perfect for entertainment and work.

Of course, we can imagine there will be some drawbacks, like the fact that this triple folding design will increase the thickness of the phone even more, but let’s see if Samsung are even planning on releasing such a device, or this is just an idea they are working on. This design could debut on the rumored Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab that’s reportedly coming in 2022. After that the design could make its way in a similar to the patent future foldable smartphone.

Samsung has been busy with new patents for foldable devices. Previously the company patented another triple folding design, where both hinges fold outwards and in the middle of their fold sits a Galaxy S Pen. The future Galaxy Z Flip 3 has also had plenty of details leaked, like a two-tone color design and smaller display bezels.


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