Samsung plans to unveil its next MicroLED TV this week


(Cybertech) – Samsung will reportedly unveil a new MicroLED TV this week, during an online “webinar” yet to be announced.

It debuted the screen technology with The Wall – a TV concept we first saw at CES in January 2018. It was released to consumers in multiple sizes from 75-inches and above over the following couple of years.

Now we’ll get a new model and maybe this time it will be more accessible/affordable.

Like OLED, MicroLED panel technology uses self-illuminating pixels and, therefore, doesn’t require separate backlighting. This means it is capable of switching pixels off entirely and allowing for deep black levels in images.

But unlike OLED, MicroLEDs are potentially capable of higher brightness, so the contrast ratio of an overall display can be extreme. Plus, MicroLED panels can be modular, so enormous TVs and displays can be made using the tech.

Samsung is said to use millimetre-sized MicroLED modules rather than micrometre, which can mean that it is harder to use its technology in smaller screen sizes – don’t expect a 55-inch 8K TV this week, for example.

However, SamMobile claims that new MicroLED TVs will be targeted at homes in 2021, citing the head of Samsung’s visual display business as the source.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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