Samsung’s hot new Galaxy Buds 2 are already getting a fairly important update


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Samsung's hot new Galaxy Buds 2 are already getting a fairly important update

It may sound a little too soon to say for sure, but our in-depth Galaxy Buds 2 review makes it seem like Samsung has managed to outdo itself with quite possibly the greatest AirPods Pro alternatives money can buy.

Cheaper than the Galaxy Buds Pro, these noise-cancelling bad boys are still only up for pre-order stateside from major retailers like Amazon ahead of an actual release this Friday, August 27.

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Either way, you will most likely be able to enjoy all these new features in the very near future, as well as take advantage of superior overall device stability. The active noise cancellation technology, which just so happens to be the key Buds 2 selling point, is getting by far the most attention with this surprisingly early update despite looking (or rather sounding) solid right off the bat.

The ANC functionality can now be enabled and controlled even when using a single earbud (of your choice), with Ambient Sound customization and activation during calls also added to the AirPods Pro-fighting arsenal of the Galaxy Buds 2.
Last but not necessarily least, the 3MB or so collection of add-ons, improvements, and new features makes it possible for (future) Galaxy Buds 2 owners to double-tap the edge of these puppies and thus easily control their volume as well.
While far from groundbreaking, this stuff brings the non-Pro second-gen Galaxy Buds yet another small step closer to being proclaimed the overall best true wireless earbuds of 2021. Your move, Apple!


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