Samsung’s new Smart Monitor M7 is a smart TV for your PC


(Cybertech) – It’s no great surprise that the last year or so has prompted some of the big tech companies worldwide to give some thought to how their products work in a home environment. 

In Samsung’s case, the latest in this trend is its new Smart Monitor M7, a display that it says is a direct response to how people’s work, education and entertainment needs have all become far more rooted in their home. 

The core of that change of focus seems to be around how you can connect to the monitor, and also how you can use it once connected. That means that alongside HDMI and USB-C connectivity, it’s also got the likes of Samsung’s DeX, App Casting and Apple AirPlay 2 on board, a rarity among dedicated monitors.

Interestingly, the monitor is indeed smart enough that some apps don’t even need a connected mobile or PC to run – for example, it can run Microsoft Office applications independently when connected to your Wi-Fi, which is sure to be useful for homework. Bluetooth means that you can connect a keyboard and mouse to it for a nearly PC-like experience.

On the flip side of that coin, the monitor also has several entertainment apps built-in, just like your smart TV might, including Netflix and YouTube, all controlled with an included remote control. 

It’s available in 32 and 27-inch versions should be available later today in the US and Canada, before expanding to more territories in the coming weeks. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.


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