Samsung’s next phones to launch with speedy 65W charging?


(Cybertech) – Samsung is working on a fast charging adapter that could compete with the likes of Oppo and OnePlus, delivering 65W power to a smartphone. 

Mentions of this 65W charger have appeared in a couple of places. Most recently, it’s been listed on India’s BIS database which works similarly to FCC or TENAA, in that consumer tech products need certifying before going on sale in India. 

The adapter listed – model number EP-TA865 – was also photographed earlier in the year, the image then enhanced and published by LetsGoDigital. 

Looking at the markings on that adapter, it’s maximum power delivery is 20V/3.25A which would make it a 65W adapter, similar – but not identical – to the SuperVOOC 2.0 and Warp Charge 65W flash charging tech used by Oppo and OnePlus. 

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If it is similar in performance to that technology used by the popular Chinese brands, it could mean the ability to completely refill a Samsung phone at more than double the speed of its current 25W adapters. 

While the 65W adapter certainly seems like the real deal, there’s no information as to which product it is made for.

The obvious suggestion is the Note 21, but given Samsung’s decision to follow Apple’s lead and not include adapters in some of its recent phone boxes, it would be unusual for it to change its mind. 

It could well be then that it will equip smartphones with the ability to charge quickly using this adapter, but then only sell it separately to those who really want it. 

Regardless of how it’s packaged by Samsung, the clear indication is that the company is taking the fight to its biggest competitors in the Android market. This would see Samsung compete in an area that it hasn’t done for a few years. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.


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