Save on Express and 4K HDR models


(Cybertech) – Roku has a range of discounts for its popular TV streaming devices, so you can go out and grab yourself a bargain on all the Roku devices right now.

There’s a discount on the Roku Express (2019), down to £16.99 with 43% off. It has a slightly tweaked design over the 2017 model and it has a more powerful processor so it’s faster – but it is a little more expensive too. It still only offers 1080p resolution, but the experience is very much the same as the 2017 model. 

The amazing Roku Streaming Stick+ has is now available for £34.24 (from £59.99). This is much more exciting offer because the Streaming Stick+ is our favourite Roku device, offering 4K HDR streaming. This is a big discount, a full £25 off the normal retail price for it.

If you were looking for a non-stick 4K HDR streamer, then the Roku Premiere is essentially the same as the Roku Streaming Stick+, but as a small set-top box. It is just as powerful, however, and it’s also discounted to £26.59 – saving 34%. So if you can’t get the Stick+ then the Premiere will be a perfect alternative. 

Roku is a great media streaming platform and these discounts mean that the time to buy is now!

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Writing by Rik Henderson.


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