Shop the HP Days Sale for Fall Blowout Savings!


(Cybertech) – We don’t know about you, but it feels like we’ve turned a corner – Summer lingered on for a nice warm time, but Fall is here now, and things are getting colder.

Still, though, Fall’s arrival isn’t all bad, as it also brings us into a key time for the tech calendar, when there are absolutely loads of seriously great deals to be sniffed out. HP is more than playing its part with its HP Days Sale, and there are some real highlights to point out.

We’ve brought together a few of the savings we think are particularly impressive, but do check out the whole range to see what’s discounted for yourself. 

HP Pavilion x360 Laptop – 15t touch

One of the best developments in the laptop market over the last couple of years has been the advent of adaptability – devices often no longer fit neatly into one category, because they can do so many different things. This beauty of a laptop is a perfect example from HP – it’s a great standard laptop for working on and getting whatever you need to do done, but a 360-degree hinge means it has huge potential.

Being able to stand it in loads of different ways really becomes powerful when paired with its high-quality touchscreen, making this an all-in-one that can be a great tablet for sketches and media viewing, but turns into a typical laptop at a moment’s notice. Right now it starts from just $739.99 with free shipping, making it the perfect time to buy. 

HP 27er 27-inch Monitor

In these days of home working, though, many of us are finding that while our laptops or tablets might be great for work in terms of their power and the programs on them, screen size can be a bit of an issue during the working day. Even the very biggest 17-inch laptops can have you squinting on a Friday afternoon.

That’s where an external monitor can be a real lifesaver and the bigger the better in some ways. This beauty from HP is a full 27 inches in size, making it easy to multitask and get everything done. Plus, it’s a really gorgeous display regardless of its size, and HP’s brought it down by $45 to just $204.99 for this sale. 

OMEN 25L Desktop GT12-0240m

Computers don’t just have to be for work, though, as we all know – there’s a whole world of gaming out there to be discovered if you get a proper PC capable of running the latest titles. That’s just what the amazing OMEN 25L brings, powerful specs in a design that’s impressively subtle and low-key. 

It’s got the looks of a far more buttoned-down machine, but with a powerful AMD processor and graphics card in place, you’ll make mincemeat of modern games, plus get the sort of power that will make any work tasks you do need to see to easy. Best of all, a huge $100 discount brings it down to just $799.99 during this sale. 

OMEN 15t-ek000 Laptop

If a full desktop isn’t something that really fits into your plans, though, you might want to instead consider one of HP’s blazing-fast gaming laptops, also part of the refreshed OMEN lineup. This 15-inch version has all the bells and whistles you’d want, including a superb backlit keyboard and a display that’ll make your games look absolutely gorgeous. 

Under the hood, meanwhile, it’s packing a powerful 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and a chunky Nvidia graphics card to make sure that nothing can stand in its way. You get the benefit of top-grade gaming and the flexibility of a portable machine, all for just $969.99 after a $100 discount. 

HP Pavilion Gaming Bundle

If you do decide that you want a new gaming machine, whether it’s a laptop or a desktop PC, one thing’s for sure – you’re going to need some extra tools to make sure that you can use it to the fullest. A few things are pretty much must-haves, meaning a good mouse, keyboard and headset, while a mousepad is a great extra. 

This handy bundle gives you all those in one go, all of them really high-quality to make sure that you can immediately start performing to the best of your ability, and getting them all together also grabs you a chunky saving. During the HP Days Sale, the bundle is less than half price, down from $150 to just $60, so this is really one to jump on if you’re in need of a few new peripherals. 


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