Simple household items can be used to create spectacular videos using the 5G Apple iPhone 12


As part of its Shot on iPhone 12 series, Apple released a video today called Everyday Experiments that shows how you can use items found around the home to create memorable videos. Apple commissioned the video which starts by showing how cool effects can be created by using party balloons, water, and colorful paper as props. This video is shot in slo-mo on the iPhone 12. Filling the balloons with water and tying them means that in slo-mo, all of the unique shapes formed by the balloon can be clearly seen. One suggestion made is to go into the photos app and start editing once the slo-mo effects start.
Taking the filmed footage and putting them into iMovie on the iPhone 12, the green screen feature can be used to make it appear as though balloons are bouncing off other balloons. The green screen effect is used on television and movie productions to make the background invisible.
The fact that baby oil and water don’t mix can be used to create a psychedelic looking video. Pour water into glass bottles until half filled and then put different colored food dye into each one. Add some baby oil to the bottles and focus on recording video at the exact spot where the baby oil and the water meet; that is where all of the cool action takes place.>

The last experiment on the video uses glow sticks and string lights. You’ll also need a tripod to use the time-lapse feature on the iPhone 12, and recording should be done using Night mode. Waving the glow sticks and string lights around at night while recording can create some very interesting effects as you’ll see in the video.

If there is one message that you should take from watching this video, it’s that you don’t need to look beyond the everyday items in your home to create interesting video content.


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