Sonos Move now comes in white with an extra hour of battery


(Cybertech) – Sonos is introducing a new colour option for its $399 portable speaker, and it’s minorly upgrading the device with a software update.

The Move now comes in a “lunar white” flavor. It was previously only available in a gray-black design. Keep in mind most Sonos speakers, including even soundboard, are all available in both black and white options. This new Move brings the device in line with Sonos’s entire lineup.

The first portable Sonos Bluetooth speaker might not be all that small and portable, but as we said in our review, we think the robustness and quality sound is perfect fit for those who want a Sonos they can move into the garden for a few hours before docking it back indoors. There are more portable products out there, but none quite like the Sonos Move, especially not for those already invested in the Sonos system.


It’ll stream music over Wi-Fi. It works with other Sonos products. It has an integrated battery and Bluetooth support. And you can move it around the house or outside, as it offers 11 hours of battery. It actually used to offer 10 hours, but a software update has added another hour.

The new white Sonos Move is available for preorder from Sonos. It costs $399 – same as the black one. It’ll arrive on 30 June in the US, Canada, Mexico, and China. It will release in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan on 7 July.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.


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