Sony’s getting into the drone market with Airpeak project


(Cybertech) – Sony has made an interesting, if at this point pretty barebones announcement about its intentions in the world of drones – namely, that it’s getting into the game. 

Launching Airpeak, a new project that will aim to develop drones targeted at video creators of all levels, it sounds like an already competitive market could be getting even more crowded in the near future. 

To be fair, if Sony can do anything to upset the absolute hegemony that DJI’s devices have got going on, it’ll only be good for innovation in the sector. 

For now, its announcement post is incredibly short and barebones, with more news promised in Spring 2021, which will also presumably see the new Airpeak website get a bit more fleshed out. 

The wording of the news mentions “video creators”, which sounds more like the consumer, vlogging end of things, but also touches on questions of health and safety, and industrial contexts. It’s therefore entirely possible that Airpeak ends up more on the enterprise end of things, which would be a little less exciting for most potential users at this stage. 

Either way, we’ll have to wait for more news early next year, and even that could be fairly insubstantial, since the announcement post ends by stating that Sony’s looking for partners to work with on the project – it hardly sounds like they’ve got a prototype to unveil, or anything. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.


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