Steve Jobs had it right. Adobe ends support for Flash


Not that a hacker couldn’t reach into his magic hat and pull out an iPhone running Adobe Flash. Such a video surfaced in June 2010 showing what was called “the very preliminary stages” of Flash being hacked onto an iOS handset. But all of the negatives mentioned by Jobs, the bugs, the battery drain, and the lack of security issues would not magically disappear with the hack.
Yesterday was not only the last day of 2020, it was the last day that Adobe will support Flash Player. And after January 12th of 2021, Flash content will be blocked from running on the plug-in. And as it turns out, Steve Jobs was right with his call that HTML5 would replace Flash. That started in 2015 when apps like YouTube replaced Flash with HTML5. The once lauded desktop and mobile version of the platform is now gone with a flash.


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