T-Mobile’s exclusive Google One promotion has been delayed


T-Mobile's exclusive Google One offer has been delayed

T-Mobile was supposed to exclusively offer customers discounted cloud storage via Google One at the start of the month, but it looks like the carrier decided to delay the offer indefinitely. The promotion offered to T-Mobile postpaid and business customers with 12 lines or less a Google One subscription plan featuring 500GB of shared family cloud storage for just $5 per month.According to a previous report, the promotion should have kicked off on September 1, but it looks it’s been put on hold for now. Tmo.Report, the source of the leak, noticed that while the redemption link for the promotion is active, trying to actually redeem it is impossible.

Also, the document that was leaked about a week ago has now been hidden from view internally, but it still exists. This raises the question of whether or not the promotion was delayed so that it could line up with the reveal of the new Pixel phones, which is likely to happen sometime in October.

The bottom line is T-Mobile’s exclusive Google One promotion is unlikely to arrive this month. If you’ve been anxious to get your hands on a cloud storage plan, you’ll probably have to wait until October.


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