Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition receives 2021 upgrade


(Cybertech) – Tag Heuer has announced the third iteration of its Connected Golf Edition smartwatch.

The Swiss watchmaker has once again tweaked the regular version of its Connected Smartwatch model – the latest of which launched roughly a year ago – for the golf course, this time featuring club recommendations and improved course mapping. 

The course mapping builds on what we saw with the 2020 edition, with both 2D and 3D views on the watch and phone now including more detail – right down to forests and single trees, Tag says. The companion iOS app has also been updated using Apple SceneKit in order to deliver renders similar to what you would see on a telecast, with the likes of tracers and 3D views of shots.

However, while these are refinements to a standard feature, the club recommendation tool is entirely new. While out on the course, the Golf Edition will now be able to offer up caddy-like suggestions based on your distance from the pin.

This data will also be crossed against the player’s own pre-set distances for each club, tracking shots over time to help deliver better recommendations.

Tag Heuer

Elsewhere, there is enhanced scoring for stroke and matchplay, with faster Bluetooth syncing and, according to Tag, a smoother overall experience. Other features that debuted last year, such as the Driving Zone – showing users the landing areas of their previous tee shots – have also been retained. 

Like anything with Tag Heuer’s name attached, though, this watch is still very much about style. The 2021 edition follows the DNA of the regular 45mm 2020 Connected model, veering off slightly with the ‘Golf Edition’ stamp on the black titanium case and the golf-ball inspired, white and green dimpled strap.

The 1.39-inch OLED display, featuring 454 x 454 pixel resolution, will be used once again, while Google’s Wear OS platform will handle the software outside of the Tag Heuer Golf app, which offers maps of over 40,000 courses around the world.

Naturally, it’ll also cost you a hefty chunk of cash if you want to don one around the course.

The latest Golf Edition starts at £2,100/$2,550, which is a considerable jump from the £1,495/$1,800 price tag for the standard model.

Writing by Conor Allison.


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