Tag Heuer Connected Super Mario is a limited edition Mario smar


(Cybertech) – Tag Heuer has teamed up with Nintendo – in what it is calling the start of a long-term collaboration – with the Tag Heuer Connected Super Mario.

This limited edition version of Tag’s smartwatch will only see 2000 units made, but it will give you Mario on your wrist, with custom details to show off your love of the iconic Italian plumber.

There are a couple tweaks to the Tag Heuer Connected watch, including icons on the bezel at the 3, 6 and 9 positions, as well as the M logo on the crown of the watch.

Tag HeuerTag Heuer Connected Super Mario photo 7

There are two straps, with red rubber for a sporty feel, or black leather on red rubber for a more sophisticated, but distinctly playful look. Again, the M logo is on the buckle for a unique look.

There will also be custom packaging and a Mario red travel case.

That’s before you get to all the graphical customisation on the interface. This being a Wear OS, it’s easy for Tag to give it a complete overhaul so that there’s more Mario in your life.

The colour scheme of the interface now reflects Mario games, with watch faces evolved into Super Mario versions. There are twists on common Tag Heuer watch faces with Mario getting involved.

To help you reach your step goals, you’ll get a different animation when you hit 25, 50 and 75 per cent milestones, with Super Mushrooms, Pipe and Super Star – finally hitting the Goal Pole at 100 per cent.

Tag HeuerTag Heuer Connected Super Mario photo 2

That’s on top of all the core functionality that this watch always offers. It’s a Tag Heuer, so it comes with a steel case, finished to a high quality and delivering an excellent smartwatch experience.

It’s a 45mm watch, packed with sensors to give you sports tracking like heart rate monitoring, with the Tag Heuer app letting you track your activities. There’s also a golf app for those who want to use this watch to up their golf game.

There’s no word on what it’s actually going to cost – but with very limited numbers, if you want one, you’ll have to move fast.

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