Tag Heuer Connected’s Sport app gets big boost


(Cybertech) – Tag Heuer has introduced an update to the Connected’s Sport smartwatch app, revamping how swimmers and runners are able to track their workouts. 

The Swiss watchmaker has provided the update to all owners of the Connected range, with the proprietary tracking app building on the recent introduction of a new wellness app and upgraded golf features.

The more significant of the two updates is in the swimming department – it’s an entirely new addition to the app that makes it possible for users to see their session at a glance.

The number of laps, total distance, interval breakdowns are all available to view during a swim, while the likes of calorie burn and SWOLF – the efficiency metric that adds together the number of strokes taken in a pool length and the time it took to swim the length – can be found in the companion smartphone app.

Naturally, automatic lap detection also features, with Tag even including a way to detect which type of stroke you’re performing – be it freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly or backstroke.

As a complement to these new swimming smarts, indoor running has also been upgraded in the update.

The app will now show treadmill users what heart rate zone they’re in during a run, as well as allowing the input of total distance at the end of a session. This allows the app to automatically calculate pace, with a full post-run analysis available in the companion app.

All in all, it’s a fairly sizeable upgrade for Tag users, as well as being one that comes off the back of Google and Samsung’s recent Wear OS and Tizen merger. 

It can be downloaded automatically over Wi-Fi when charging, or manually through the Google Play Store.

Writing by Conor Allison.


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