Tempo gives you a personal trainer and weights at home


(Cybertech) – Staying fit can feel like slogging up a mountain at the best of times, but it’s fair to say that 2020 has kicked things up a few notches, with rest-in-place orders and lockdowns making it harder than ever to access certain equipment or personal trainers like you could before.

That said, it’s also meant that plenty of people have found new ways to stay in shape at home and outdoors, and found themselves wondering whether they could free up that monthly cost normally assigned to the gym membership and classes. Enter Tempo, a stunningly designed home fitness station that gives you access to high-quality weights, classes and personal trainers, all without leaving home.

Plus, you can now finance Tempo to get access for just $55 a month, with no up-front cost – it’s an amazing deal for a superb home workout system. Check out a few reasons why Tempo’s a great pick, below. 

Redefining the home gym

It’s one thing throwing down a yoga mat and trying some lunges, but most of us simply don’t have the equipment to do a varied range of workouts from home, or the expertise to know exactly what to do with those tools if we do own them.

Tempo is an all-in-one solution that gives you access to a range of weights in a sleekly designed cabinet that also hosts a smart display, making it a home gym that’s impressively diminutive. 

It’s a compelling package, one that includes two 7.5LB dumbbells, a 25LB barbell, six collars, four each of 10LB, 5LB, 2.5LB and 1.25LB plates, as well as a heart rate monitor, workout mat, and recovery roller. All of this packs away tidily and easily into that cabinet, meaning that when you’re not using it Tempo just fades away into the background of your home’s aesthetic, just as you’d hope. You can have a full and varied weights session followed by recovery without taking over a whole room with equipment. 

A stunning smart display

The heart of actually using Tempo comes down to its display, which connects you to a whole world of classes and trainers to make sure that your fitness journey is one guided by expertise. It’s a 42-inch masterpiece. 

You can input your details, like height and age, to make sure that Tempo can match you with appropriate exercises, and a $39 monthly membership also gets you unfettered access to an enormous and ever-growing range of home classes, both recorded and live.

These are the real heart of Tempo, with friendly and knowledgeable coaches running you through key workouts and giving personalized feedback as they do – it’s just like taking a class at a gym, with none of the downsides.  

3D sensing

That feedback is thanks to some real wizardry, too. Tempo has a front-facing 3D sensor that tracks you in real-time as you workout, analyzing your form and performance to ensure that the platform knows how you’re coping with the strain. 

The upshot is that if you’re leaning too far forward during a lift, or could hurt your back with your positioning, your coach can let you know, all enabled by your Tempo sensor spotting the error. This makes for a really fun feeling that properly embeds you into a class or workout, and provides great motivation to push your limits. 

If this all sounds like something that could help you stay fit in a challenging time, check out Tempo’s website to find out more and to place an order.


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