The Apple iPhone and Apple Watch will soon give you entry into Disney’s theme parks


If you’re a big Disney fan, you might have used Disney’s wrist worn Magic Band as an electronic ticket giving you entry into one of the company’s theme parks. The Magic Band also allows users to open their Disney hotel room, charge food and merchandise to that hotel room, and more. Disney has announced that sometime later this year, the entertainment giant will rollout MagicMobile service in phases starting first with the Apple iPhone and the Apple Watch. This service will allow those with one of these two Apple mobile devices to use it instead of the MagicBand.
Once MagicMobile service launches, “Guests will be able to create a Disney MagicMobile pass through the My Disney Experience app and add it to their smart device’s digital wallet. It works like magic – most features will be available by just holding up your smart device near an access point, just like you do with a MagicBand.” Disney guests can choose between using the MagicBand and the MagicMobile service or switch off between the two.

Disney says that its existing room key feature will continue to be available using the My Disney Experience app which allows users to check-in online. Upon their arrival at the hotel, these guests can drive directly to their room and use their iPhone, Apple Watch or Magic Band to gain entrance into their room. It is a quick and easy way to get settled and relax after what usually is a stressful day of travel.


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