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(Cybertech) – Roccat has announced three new variants of its popular (and frankly gorgeous) Vulcan keyboards including two tenkeyless versions and Pro models that use the company’s new super-fast Titan Optical switch. 

The new TKL version of the Roccat Vulcan is the slimmed-down model for those looking to save space on their desk without compromise. The Vulcan TKL is the most affordable of this new line-up available from the end of October, with the Vulcan Pro and Vulcan TKL Pro set to cost you a tad more for extra features. 


As you can see, the new range of Roccat Vulcan keyboards sports everything we loved about the previous models. A brushed aluminium backplate, snazzy RGB-friendly design, low-profile aesthetic and beautifully intelligent backlighting. 

The highlight though is not just the option of the tenkeyless form factor, but also the addition of the new Titan Optical switches. These switches are included on the Pro models and are said to offer 40 per cent faster actuation than a traditional keyswitch. This is thanks to a set up that uses beams of light to detect keypresses in a similar way Razer’s optical switches.


The Titan Optical switches are rated for 100 million clicks too, making them more durable than most modern mechanical switches which are said to last up to 50 million clicks. 

Like previous Roccat Vulcan keyboards, the new models make the most the awesome AIMO intelligent lighting with low profile keycaps and clear keyswitch housing, resulting in some magnificent looking boards. 

All three versions of the Vulcan keyboard will be available from the end of October with pre-orders open now. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.


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