The Fiit smart TV app can now show you how you’re doing on scre


(Cybertech) – A new update to the Fiit smart TV app can now sync with popular fitness trackers to show you your stats on screen as you’re following a workout.

The upgraded app is coming to Sky Q, Amazon Fire TV streaming devices and Samsung smart TVs (2018 or later) for now. 

Providing you’re using a compatible fitness tracker, you’ll see live Fiit points, rep counting, heart-rate zoning plus the number of calories burned while you view one of the 700 or so workouts on Fiit. Of course, Fiit isn’t the first to show live stats on screen, because Apple’s Fitness+ has been doing it since the end of last year. But Fiit’s app is compatible with more TVs and more trackers.

The Fiit app works with over 25 well-known fitness devices, including Fitbit, MyZone, Samsung Watch and Apple Watch.

Fiit’s head of fitness, Gede Foster, says that live stats do make you work harder: “We know that seeing your live stats pushes you to work out at least 22 percent harder and more often. The app stores your personal bests so you can challenge yourself to beat previous scores and see how much you’ve improved.”

It’s estimated that – post lockdown – a third of UK adults are now using virtual fitness apps and services as part of a regular fitness regime. 

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