The iPhone 13 launching next month will get bigger batteries


(Cybertech) – After the iPhone 4, Apple has been both announcing and releasing their new iPhone every September — barring of course last years’ October release due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, however, it looks as if the company is jumping back on track and aiming for a September launch for the upcoming iPhone 13 series. 

This year, we’ve heard plenty of rumors and leaks, despite Apple’s continued insistence on cutting down on the spread of unannounced product information from both their employees and suppliers. For a full rundown of everything we know about the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, click here.

Smaller motherboards, bigger batteries

As per today’s report, it comes from Taiwanese-based research firm TrendForce, and they seem to corroborate lots of information we’ve heard in the past about the device. Perhaps the most significant news is that the iPhone 13 series is set to feature larger batteries, a positive trend considering Apple shrunk the battery size on the iPhone 12 series last year as compared to the 11. 

Interestingly, the battery increases won’t be coming by way of thicker or heavier devices, but rather an improvement in the circuitry board design, allowing for an overall tinier motherboard than before, henceforth opening up space for a more generous power supply.  

The report also mentions the inclusion of a 5nm+ CPU powering the devices, which in all likelihood is simply what’ll be known as the A15 Bionic provided Apple retains the “Bionic” moniker for yet another year.  

TrendForce estimates that almost 17% of all global smartphone shipments in 2021 will be composed of iPhones, further predicting Apple’s cellular to “dominate the high-end smartphone market in China for the next two to three years”. 

And finally, TrendForce believes that Apple will expand on its worldwide 5G mmWave coverage, considering that the fastest 5G data speeds are only available in the United States. 

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