The new Apple Watch will definitely have a bigger screen


(Cybertech) – As we’ve already reported, the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 will see a jump in size options, bumping up from 40mm and 44mm versions in exchange for 41mm and 45mm offerings. However, we’re also hearing all-but definitive confirmation from the ever-reliable mouth of Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman that the next Apple Watch will see a screen size jump from 1.78 inches to a healthy 1.9 inches diagonally. 

According to Gurman’s report, Apple will be utilising the extra space to fit in more of what the company calls complications onto an Apple Watch face. Complications are the adjustable widgets which you can choose to see on your watch face showing things like the temperature, your activity level, music controls, and more. 

The report also dispels the whispers that Apple might be delaying the launch of the Series 7 until later this year or even as far out as early 2022, with Gurman reassuring that the company is still on track to announce the devices later this month. 

Ultimately, when doing the math on the new screen resolutions expected this year, 396 by 484 as opposed to the 368 by 448 resolution of previous models, we’ll be seeing a 16 per cent increase in display area. 

Gurman even gets into the specifics of what types of new faces we should expect to see, detailing,

   A new face, dubbed Modular Max, will show the time digitally alongside one small complication — showing information like the day of the week, outside temperature or quick access to an app — with larger complications that span the length of the screen stacked on top of each other below…

A face dubbed Continuum will change based on the flow of time and the current hour…

A world time watch face — called Atlas and World Timer internally — will let a user see all 24 time zones simultaneously…

Apple is also working on new faces for its Hermes and Nike-branded Apple Watches. The Hermes version has numbers that change hour by hour, while a new Nike face features numbers that move based on a person’s motion.

9to5Mac posted a set of brilliant mockups of what the new 1.9 inch larger display just might look like, which you can take a glance at below. For the full gallery, click here. 

For a recap of all the information we’ve collected on the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 expected to launch this month, tap right here. 

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