This is what Nothing’s first earbud design looks like


(Cybertech) – Carl Pei’s new company, Nothing, has gained some attention over the past few weeks. There’s a lot of intrigue surrounding what the former OnePlus co-CEO’s next move would be. 

Having already revealed the new company’s name – which is literally Nothing – Pei has now revealed the design of its first product: the Concept 1. 

The first product is true wireless earbuds and the design remids us a little of the Harmon Kardon transparent Soundsticks speakers. 

Each bud is made from a completely transparent plastic with the dot-matrix style moniker printed inside and outside at various points. 

The ethos behind the brand is all about making technology transparent, easy and convenient. 

In his most recent blog post, Pei talks about what it can remove from its products to distill them down to what’s essential and getting rid of the extra fluff. 

He also says “We peel off everything superficial, like unnecessary branding on the surface,” right below a picture of an earbud with branding in at least two places, so we’re unsure what it means in reality. 

Even more unusually, Pei says the design influence for the Concept 1 buds actually came from a grandmother’s smoking pipe. It’s safe to say – as far as the early messaging goes – this company isn’t being entirely conventional. But that’s not a bad thing. 

Regardless of the marketing behind Nothing, the transparent look is certainly different and will help the products stand out in a world of black and white plastic buds, especially with so many companies going after the AirPods look. 

Nothing plans to launch its first product in the summer and according to a spokerperson, the first pair product won’t look exactly like this.

They stated that “While the same design principles will be followed in the development of our first products and there will be similarities to Concept 1, the end products will look different.”

We can expect to see products that share “similar traits”, like transparency and minimal outer branding. The Concept 1 is just here to show us the philosophy behind future products. 

We updated this story with further clarification and a quote from Nothing to add context. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.


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