This racing drone just set a Guinness World Record for flying 1


(Cybertech) – Drone racing is a thing – and drones that compete in these races can fly at super fast speeds. 

Need an example? Just check Guinness. The team behind the Drone Racing League (DRL), which is in the middle of its second aired racing season, has set a Guinness World Record for the fastest battery-powered, remote-controlled quadcopter. Called the DRL RacerX, the drone that earned the title was hand-built by DRL’s director of product, Ryan Gury, as well as the company’s engineers.

Weighing just 800 grams (1.76lb), the RacerX offers 46,000RPM and has two 1300mAh batteries. During the flight, it managed to hit a top speed of 179.6 miles per hour, though Guinness logged 163.5 mph, because it used the average top speed of the flight. The drone flew back and forth across a course of 100 meters (328 feet). You can see the record-setting flight in the video below.

In a statement to the media, Nicholas Horbaczewski, DRL’s chief executive officer, said: “The record-setting RacerX represents the culmination of years of technological innovation by our team of world class engineers, and we’re very excited to unveil the fastest racing drone on earth.” DRL also said that earlier versions of the RacerX burst into flames when reaching top acceleration speeds.

You can watch DRL’s second season on ESPN. The London-based finale is set to air on 28 July at 9 pm EST.

Writing by Elyse Betters.


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