Tired of running out of battery? Get the Moto G9 Power


(Cybertech) – Running out of battery has been a spectre that so many of us have been dominated by over the years. For too long, phone makers focused on minimising a device’s size were quick to sacrifice its battery.

Motorola’s been swimming against that tide for some time now, and its “Power” versions always offer battery life that could make anyone envious. The latest example is the brilliant Moto G9 Power, which has some of the most impressive battery life we’ve ever encountered. Find out more about what makes it so special below. 

Huge capacity

The Moto G9 Power is basically a two-day smartphone in a world of one-day wonders. If you’ve got used to having to charge your phone by the middle of an evening after a day’s normal use, you’re just like us.

The G9 Power flips this on its head – you’ll be heading into evenings gobsmacked by how much power you’ve still got in reserve. That’s thanks to its jaw-dropping 6,000mAh battery, which is almost 50% bigger than many competitors manage. 

Squeezing a battery that massive into a normal phone was a challenge, but it’s one that Motorola has absolutely crushed, and it’s the beating heart of the whole experience. 


Smart software

You might not realise it quite as much, but a massive part of ensuring that battery life is solid on a smartphone actually comes down to software. If you’re running a badly-optimised OS, your phone’s components will have to run harder and hotter, and it’ll all consume power more quickly.

That’s part of why Motorola has worked so hard to make sure the version of Android you get on the Moto G9 Power is super-efficient. It doesn’t come jam-packed with bloated extras that you don’t actually need, instead focussing on small improvements that will make your life easier.

All this helps the phone run smoothly and without taxing itself too much, which helps to maintain that huge battery life throughout the day. 


Great specs

Of course, while smooth software and settings are great, they won’t help if your phone has ancient hardware powering it all. Moto has outfitted the Moto G9 Power with a really great chip to power everything, the Snapdragon 662, along with 4GB of RAM, and it’s a great combo. You’ll zip through your normal tasks and even be able to enjoy a bit of gaming, too.

You don’t even have to compromise on the camera side, either – a main 64MP shooter takes great pictures, and you’ve got a macro lens for brilliant close-ups, as well as a depth sensor to help all your photos get their focus just right.

All in all, it makes for a hardware package that is perfectly paired with that jumbo battery. You’ll get the multi-day performance and a great handset to enjoy it on – all for just £179.99, a price that almost beggars belief.


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