Top analyst says 5G iPhone 13 series will offer a new connectivity option: Satellites


Top analyst says 5G iPhone 13 series will offer a new connectivity option: Satellites

TF International’s reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the upcoming Apple iPhone 13 series, just weeks away from being unveiled, will add a new connectivity option. In a note to clients read by AppleInsider, Kuo wrote that the iPhone 13 models will contain the Qualcomm X60 baseband chip that will allow the iPhone 13 line to support low-earth-orbit satellite communications.
The analyst reaches this conclusion because of Qualcomm’s work with Globalstar. In his note, Kuo wrote, “There are many potential scenarios for Apple’s business model cooperation with Globalstar. The simplest scenario is that if the user’s operator has already teamed with Globalstar, the user can directly use Globalstar’s satellite communication service on the iPhone 13 through the operator’s service.”

Kuo feels that Apple has more plans to use satellite connectivity with the iPhone and points to “innovative user experiences that can be integrated with new products.” He also mentions that Apple’s rumored mixed-reality headset and the rumored Apple Car could both take advantage of satellite communications in conjunction with very fast mmW 5G signals.

Apple will customize Qualcomm’s X60 chip for the feature although it is not known exactly what changes it will make. Other smartphone manufacturers wishing to add this feature will have to wait until 2022 at which time Qualcomm’s X65 baseband chip will be available. While the iPhone 13 line won’t be the first smartphones to support satellite connectivity, it will be the first mainstream handset to do so.

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