Transparent’s latest eye-catching speaker features a light that


(Cybertech) – Swedish designer speaker brand Transparent has revealed its latest creation – the Light Speaker. As well as being able to play your tunes over Bluetooth, the $370, £290, €320 speaker also has a light that mimics the look of real flames.

It’s quite like a camping light or lantern and indeed portability is part of the appeal here, with a 10 hour battery life inside the speaker. It also boasts IPX2 weather resistance so you needn’t worry about a few rain splashes getting on it.

The light can be adjusted to adapt to your environment using a knob on the device – choose a bright reading light or wind it down to be more like a candle. The light can follow the music slightly to give the impression of a flame that’s flickering along to the music. 


The body of the Light Speaker is long-lasting and recyclable aluminum, while the borosilicate glass is designed for strength. There’s also a detachable handle, too, adding to the lantern aesthetic. 

The speaker isn’t the most powerful at 5W, but there’s a 2.5-inch full range driver and passive 3-inch radiator meaning it should sound pretty good for a speaker of its size. 

While the speaker is currently being offered on Kickstarter, there will be a full release in April 2021. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.


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