Twitter’s newest creator-friendly feature is now official and rolling out to select accounts


Twitter is having a pretty big week in terms of adding highly requested features, and even though the social media platform’s hundreds of millions of active users around the world remain unable to edit their tweets after publishing them, we’re sure many of you will find the two latest changes almost as convenient as that.

The aptly named “Tip Jar” option is bound to put a big smile on the faces of all sorts of “creators, journalists, experts, and nonprofits”, and hopefully, make it easier for these people and organizations to find the time to keep us all entertained and informed on Twitter.
For the time being, only a “limited group” of such accounts from “around the world” can be (easily) set up to allow followers to directly send them money using one of a variety of payment services. Said services, by the way, include PayPal, Venmo, Patreon, Bandcamp, and Cash App, although availability naturally differs from region to region.

If you want to send a “tip” to an “applicable” account on iOS or Android, the good news is you can start doing that with no restrictions… as long as you use the English-language version of Twitter. Eventually, the plan is obviously to expand the feature to “more languages” and “soon” allow more people to receive tips.

Before sending any of your hard-earned money to your favorite amateur entertainer, freelance journalist, political pundit, or mobile tech leaker, you might be happy to hear Twitter will not intervene in the tipping process in any way, directing you to your financial app of choice when making a donation and taking no “cut” from the sender or the receiver of tips.

The Tip Jar icon can be easily located next to the Follow button on an “applicable account’s” profile page, and to make everything even more effortless and hassle-free, Twitter is letting Android users send money within Spaces conversations as well.

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