Two new Apple Silicon MacBooks coming later in 2021?


(Cybertech) – We have been long-expecting Apple to re-work its notebook line in 2021. Apple launched the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro with Apple’s own M1 processor last November, but there was no design tweak. 

We are expecting the 16-inch MacBook Pro to become an Apple Silicon model this year – probably with an upgraded M2 or M1X processor, but rumours have swirled around there being changes to the rest of the line up as well. And there could also be an even lighter version of the MacBook Air that’s more akin to an iPad Pro but with macOS. 

Now Nikkei Asia says production on two new MacBooks is set to start in June. Note that’s the beginning of production, so they may not be announced by that date. June is usually a key month for Apple though, because that’s when it holds its WWDC developer conference, which was online last year like everything else. And those da

This latest rumour is buried in a story about iPhone 12 mini production being cut – despite some suggestions the iPhone 12 mini has not sold well, figures don’t seem to be bearing this out – analyst Omedia says it was the 10th most shipped smartphone globally in 2020, selling 14.5 million units. That was dwarfed by the iPhone 12’s 23 million and iPhone 11’s 65 million, however.  

Writing by Dan Grabham. Editing by Rik Henderson.


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