Update coming next week will improve one of the best health features on the Apple Watch


In Series 4 of the Apple Watch, the company added a new health feature. The electrocardiogram (ECG) monitors the user’s heart rhythm looking for an abnormal beat which could be the sign of Atrial fibrillation (AFib). The latter can lead to blood clots, a stroke, heart failure, and other heart-related complications. If there is no problem, your heart will show a normal sinus rhythm.
Included with the latest beta version of watchOS 7.2 just dropped by Apple, is the latest version of the algorithm created for the timepiece’s ECG monitoring system. This is titled “HKAppleECGAlgorithmVersion.version2” The “HK” stands for  Health Kit and it is available on iOS 14.3 and Mac Catalyst 14.3. This apparently is the second time that Apple has updated the ECG algorithm since Apple Watch Series 4 was released.

Both watchOS 7.2 and iOS 14.3 are expected to be moving out of beta and launching on December 14th. The updates are necessary for those using the Fitness+ workout service (which launches that day) and the new AirPods Max over-ear headphone.
The Apple Watch has become a useful tool helping to give users an early warning when their heart rate is faster or slower than normal, or when their heart has an abnormal rhythm. There is also the fall detector that alerts emergency services when a user has fallen and can’t get up. Apple has played up these features even creating a video to show how its timepiece, the most popular watch in the world, has been credited with saving some lives.

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