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(Cybertech) – Live streaming has been a lifeline for so many viewers and streamers over the last couple of years, as world events have made home entertainment and connecting with people even more of a priority, but even before that it’s been a fixture on the internet.

Getting yourself a decent live streaming setup to showcase your latest content or stream live to your followers can feel a bit overwhelming. A decent webcam and microphone to broadcast with is key to any streaming set-up. Don’t worry, though – Curry’s PC World stocks examples of each that are absolutely class-leading. Check them out below to give your streams a major quality boost.

LogitechThe Logitech StreamCam is the perfect webcam for work and play photo 2

Logitech StreamCam

Too many of us have been making do with slightly rubbish built-in cameras or dealing with tacky cheap cameras that are a nightmare to set up, while we could be broadcasting beautiful video with next to no hassle using something like Logitech’s amazing StreamCam. Here are a few of the features that make it so special.

First up is the headline detail when it comes to a webcam – how is the video quality it can muster? The StreamCam offers up beautiful full 1080p video that’s crisp and clear, perfect whether you’re turning up for a virtual job interview, recording a Vlog, or setting up a new streaming setup for your gaming rig. Aside from video in perfect clarity, there’s also the option to angle both vertically for the perfect TikTok video and horizontally for the best live stream!

Another part of what makes the StreamCam so powerful is the smarts that Logitech has packed into its tiny little body. In particular, we’re impressed by its autofocus and automatic exposure adjustment. Like any good standalone camera, this means that you get fewer moments where your feed is bleached out by the sun, or where your face is blurry.

It can also manage 60 frames per second to ensure that you come across smoothly and nicely for your viewers or colleagues, which is a serious upgrade if you’ve never had a camera capable of it before.

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Logitech C920 Pro HD Webcam

For anyone who’s looking for a webcam that’s less geared toward streaming and more aimed at being perfect for Zoom calls and video conferences, Logitech’s C920 Pro HD Webcam is a great option, too. It’s a bit more affordable than the StreamCam, and will still have you coming through in crystal clear HD video, with really good sound quality as well, thanks to its onboard microphone system.

A wide field of view also ensures that you can frame yourself up nicely, and automatic light correction helps the camera to adjust to your lighting conditions for the best recording possible.

LogitechThe Logitech StreamCam is the perfect webcam for work and play photo 6

Logitech C505 HD Webcam

If you need a webcam that isn’t too fancy but still gets the job done really well, though, and want to spend even less, Logitech still has a budget-friendly choice you can opt for. The C505 HD Webcam is really compact and easy to use, but will ensure that you’re never caught out of the loop if a video call is scheduled in.

It’s a widescreen camera that can catch plenty of action in one frame, and an omnidirectional microphone makes for super-accurate sound. Plus, knowing that your setup might not always be the same, it comes with a two-metre cable to make sure that you can arrange your camera however you need.

BlueThe Logitech StreamCam is the perfect webcam for work and play photo 4

Blue Yeti Microphone

If you think video is the only thing that’s important when you’re streaming, though, you’ve probably never watched a live streamer with a bad microphone. The StreamCam has superb microphones for a webcam, but to truly get your stream looking professional, you’ll want to pick up a separate mic.

One of the very best on the market, used by a huge range of streamers, podcasters and creators, is the Blue Yeti, instantly recognisable for its gorgeous classic design. It doesn’t just look good, though.

Inside that little body there’s a tri-capsule array that captures you in glorious high definition, plus the ability to swap between patterns to let you record however you like. Patterns include solo recording – perfect for podcasting or streaming, interview style, stereo – great for music or ASMR and group recording settings. You can easily adjust microphone gain using the little dial on the back to make sure you come through without distortion, too.

It’s also been designed to be completely plug-and-play, meaning that whether you’re on PC or Mac you can just plug it into a free USB port and be away recording in crisp audio a few seconds later. This isn’t just one of the best-looking and most popular microphones for streamers out there, then – it’s also one of the most impressive.

Pair a Blue Yeti mic and the Logitech StreamCam and you’ll almost instantly have a streaming setup that would make plenty of big creators jealous, so be sure to check them out at Curry’s PC World today.


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