Upgrade your work space with these classy Logitech devices


(Cybertech) – Working from home and working on the go are both situations that we’re all getting a lot more used to after the last year-and-a-bit’s world events – although, even before everything that’s happened, being able to work flexibly was becoming more and more expected.

For many people it can be a great lifestyle, letting you fit your life around your work more easily, and waving goodbye to the idea that you have to work in the same place every day. However, if you’re still making do with just your laptop’s trackpad, or a rubbish keyboard, you’re missing out. Getting a good mouse can smooth your entire workday over, while a keyboard can save you loads of pain in the long run, and Logitech makes the very best options going, in our opinion. Here are a pair of its greatest hits right now for you to consider.

LogitechUpgrade your home office with these superb little Logitech mice at Curry's PC World photo 3

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Mouse

The MX Anywhere 3 Mouse is an absolutely brilliant compact mouse – we’ve been using it for nearly a year, and it’s been a constant source of joy in that time. Firstly, it’s designed gorgeously to fit into your palm despite being a smaller form factor. So, even though it’ll easily pop into your backpack or bag to go somewhere, it has all the weight and solidity of a full-size mouse.

The scroll wheel is a thing of genuine beauty, with a clunky motion that you can toggle into completely smooth scrolling at your preference. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s the best scroll-wheel we’ve used on any professional mouse. Battery life is an absurd 70 days, meaning you’ll barely even remember the last time you charged it at times, and its wireless connectivity is brilliant, with really easy multi-device switching to keep you productive across your devices. Clicks are satisfying and need next to no pressure, and the smooth rubber grips make it even more comfortable to use.

We can’t praise this mouse enough, and it more than warrants its slightly premium price tag – get it for yourself and you’ll feel the difference throughout most working days.

Logitech MX Keys Keyboard

The MX Keys Keyboard, meanwhile, is like the Rolls Royce of wireless keyboards – it’s got it all, in a beautiful and weighty build that prioritises quality above all. You get some of the nicest keys to type on that we’ve ever experienced, all in a layout that’s beautifully spaced. The keys also have slightly concave faces to make it easier to type, and their texture is soft and premium.

Backlighting makes it easy to work in all lights, and a full set of function keys make shortcuts easy to use. Device switching is also incredibly easy, with three device buttons letting you swap at a moment’s notice without any lag. A full number pad makes sure that you’ve got loads of options for spreadsheet-based work, and a canny design means it rests at a slight angle to ensure better comfort as you work.

This is as good as a keyboard gets for work, and it’ll make you wonder how you ever got by with what you’ve been using until now.


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