Verizon is down in major markets like New York City, Miami and Charlotte


The nations’ largest carrier, Verizon, has suffered an outage on Monday morning. Verizon customers and others trying to make a phone call to one of the wireless providers’ subscribers have been unable to connect to the number dialed. Instead, the caller has been getting a message saying that Verizon can not complete the call at this time. The issue put Verizon at the top of DownDetector’s listing of companies suffering with their own outages.
At 8 am EDT, DownDetector showed that there were only 35 reports submitted by Verizon users. That number peaked to 1,465 just before noon. 66% complained about their mobile phone not working, and 22% were having issues with their mobile internet service. Problems with landline internet service accounted for 10% of submitted responses to the website.

Yours Truly has had problems connecting to family members using Verizon this morning. Areas where Verizon is having problems include New York City, Miami, Tampa, Charlotte, Raleigh, Sarasota, and more.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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