Watch Asus ROG ‘Unleash the Tiger inside’ event right here!


(Cybertech) – We’re approaching summer now and that usually means a huge revamp of laptop lines from most companies. That – of course – includes Asus. 

Asus is about to unveil a new generation of gaming laptops in an event that promises to be anything but subtle. At least, if the ‘Unleash the Tiger Inside’ strapline is anything to go by. 

What time is the launch? 

The launch event is due to kick off at 13:00 BST on 11 May, and will be available to watch publicly as a livestream. In your time zone that means the following: 

  • Los Angeles – 05:00 PST
  • New York – 08:00 EST
  • Paris/Barcelona/Berlin – 14:00 CEST
  • Dubai, UAE – 16:00 GST
  • New Delhi, India – 17:30 IST
  • Sydney, Aus – 22:00 AEST

How can I watch it? 

Easy, you can watch it right here on this page. We’ve embedded the livestream at the top of this article for your convenience. However, if you want to get involved with the chatter or watch it direct on YouTube you can find the stream here.

What’s being announced? 

There’s not much official information out there, given Asus desire to keep all of this a secret, but in the YouTube video’s description it mentions specifically a new range of Zephyrus laptops. 

The Zephyrus range has – in the past – included the Zephyrus G16 which is a minimalist, matte black laptop boasting very high refresh rates, powerful internal processing and cooling. We can expect more of the same. Unless the aforementioned ‘Tiger’ is – in fact – just a kitten, which seems incredibly unlikely. 

So bookmark this page and come back in time for the great unveiling. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.


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