Watch Huawei’s HarmonyOS product launch right here!


(Cybertech) – In something of a short notice announcement, Huawei has confirmed that it will be holding a product launch livestream under the title ‘Huawei HarmonyOS & Product Launch’. 

With the hashtag ‘LiveSmartWithHuawei’ it’s a suggestion of smart connected devices, but there’s just about enough vaguery in the announcement that there’s no way of knowing exactly what’s being announced. 

What time is the event? 

The launch event kicks off today at 13:00 BST in the UK or 14:00 CEST in most of Central Europe. 

  • San Francisco, US – PDT – 05:00
  • New York, US – EDT – 08:00
  • Paris/Madrid/Berlin – CEST – 14:00
  • Dubai, UAE – GST – 16:00
  • Mumbai, IN – IST – 17:30
  • Sydney, AUS – AEST – 22:00

Where can I watch it? 

Simple answer: you can watch it right here. We’ve embedded the YouTube livestream at the top of this page for your convenience. Just scroll to the top and start watching. 

Or, if you’d rather go direct to YouTube you can click this link and watch the stream where it’s hosted. 

What’s happening? 

Official details are vague at best currently. All Huawei’s suggested is what’s in the name of the launch event. We know we’re getting a better look at HarmonyOS and we’re getting new flagship products, but the company hasn’t said what those products are. 

We suspect if it was a phone launch we would know it, so it’s likely that we’re not going to see a new P-series just yet. Rumours have indicated that the P50 launch is going to be later than usual too. 

Frequent Huawei leaker @Rodent950 on Twitter has been leaking images and hands-on videos of new watches and tablets, so it’s possible that’s what we’re going to see in today’s launch. But that’s yet to be confirmed. 

Whatever launches, it’ll be worth seeing if only to get a better look at what this new era of HarmonyOS is going to look like. We’ve heard lots of talk about it, but very little of substance to sink our teeth into. We’re finally going to see properly what Huawei’s post-Google world looks like. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.


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