What is Intel Evo? The new mobile performance standard explaine


(Cybertech) – Intel Evo is the chipmaker’s new specification for thin-and-light laptops and – thanks to the label shown above – should provide a guarantee of great mobile performance on laptops.

Intel unveiled Project Athena at CES in early 2019 but while Athena isn’t a consumer brand, Intel Evo is. It’s very much like what Intel did with Ultrabooks around a decade ago to revolutionise the thin and light PC laptop market in the wake of the launch of Apple’s MacBook Air in 2008. 

What is Project Athena and Intel Evo?

Intel Evo is a brand you’ll see on ultraportable laptops that guarantees a certain level of performance – we’ve explained more detail on that below.

Project Athena was, essentially, the codename for this programme, but Intel says that Intel Evo laptops are “co-engineered and verified through Intel’s Project Athena innovation program”. In other words, it’s the process laptops go through to get the Intel Evo branding. 

And what is that process? It’s basically a set of standards that Intel wants for laptops. Intel said its engineers will work with companies like HP, Dell, and many more to create laptops that meet its standards. It’ll even test them before they can become certified.


During 2020 we used a Project Athena-spec Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 and we have to say we’re extremely impressed. With the latest 10th generation Intel Core processors (now replaced by 11th generation under Intel Evo) and other accoutrements like all-day battery life, always-on and USB-C it simply zips along and has no problem driving our high-res display. 

Intel’s former Ultrabook brand was always about go-anywhere devices that had top-notch Wi-Fi connectivity in days when Wi-Fi was a bit more of an inconsistent experience – the best part of a decade ago. 

Nowadays though, it’s more about “do anything” as well as “go anywhere” – you really can have one laptop to rule them all. And, with 2-in-1, 360-degree flip laptops like this Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 that’s totally possible. 


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