Why the Motorola G50 & G10 are two of the best budget phones


(Cybertech) – We love how Motorola phones always present fantastic value. The design and build are always up there with far more expensive phones, so it often makes you ask why you’d want to spend more. And the Motorola G10 and G50 perfectly fit this mould.

Easy on your wallet

With phones knocking on and surpassing the prices of laptops, it’s refreshing to be offered a viable alternative that not only ticks the cheap and cheerful box but comfortably gives you everything you’d need out of a smartphone.

The G10 is just wildly priced at only £129, especially considering what you get. And the G50 is just a smidgen more at £199. As you’ll see below, there’s not much more you could ask for in a phone, especially to justify paying two, three, or even five times the cost. 

What do you get?

You might think that for the super reasonable prices of these phones that you won’t be getting much, but that’s where Motorola really punches above its weight with the G10 and G50. Both get 6.5″ screens with HD+ 1600×720 resolution, rear fingerprint readers, and Face Unlock. But perhaps best of all is the fact that they’re kitted with Android 11 out the box. That’s the up-to-date system that many higher-end phones don’t even get. Motorola doesn’t bloat it with its own software either, only adding in a few extras to bolster the experience.

You won’t be short of storage either, as the G10 gets 64GB internal storage and the G50 has the option to choose between 64GB and 128GB. If that’s not enough, then you even get the possibility of extending it with microSD cards of up to 1TB. Can’t ask for more than that.

There’s nothing cheap about the designs. The G10 has a great textured back to help grip, while the G50 has a smooth back and even a fingerprint-resistant coating. They both have a premium feel, even if they have a plastic body.

Power for days

Here is where the G10 and G50 put other high-end phones to shame. Both of them come with a massive 5000mAh battery. Now this sort of size might be found in some other large phones, but those still won’t deliver the same battery life as the G10 or G50. 

The phones come with Snapdragon 460 and 480, neither of which are hard on battery consumption. So, that 5000mAh will last you two days of constant use. Imagine heading off for the weekend and not worry about charging your phone. That’s one more thing you can forget at home. 

Why go for the G50?

While the G10 offers incredible value, the G50 just gives you that much more performance, and for not much more. For that extra £70, you get 5G, a 90Hz refresh screen, and a much better set of cameras. 

The G10 has four cameras on the back, which is fantastic. But the G50 trades the ultrawide camera on the back of the G10 for a better set of cameras overall. The Macro camera is upped from 2MP to 5MP and offers Full HD video resolution. The main camera can also record up to 120 frames per second. 

With 5G your internet experience gets a whole load better. Because the connection is so much faster, there’s no lag in browsing or playing online games. Do you remember what it was like moving from 3G to 4G? If someone gave us a 3G connection right now, we don’t know if we could survive. 
But what’s so fancy about the 90Hz refresh rate? It just means that the screen is that much more responsive to your touch. There’s no lag when you click something or swipe between screens and apps. So, it’s a pleasure to use. 

At the end of the day

Who are these phones for? Basically if you in the market for a phone that is built to last and has a host of features that – while won’t be the centre of attention – will give you everything you’re looking for in a smartphone, then look no further. 

It’s just down to how much you’d like to spend and if you need that extra bit of flash that the G50 can give. Either way, there’s a good chance you can buy either the G10 or G50 outright. And if not, it’s only going to scratch at your bank account each month. 


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