Will Intel’s first dedicated gaming graphics card threaten Nvid


(Cybertech) – Intel has been teasing its dedicated gaming graphics card for a while now. And we’re all curious to see how it compares with Nvidia and AMD’s offerings in terms of performance. 

Now, Raja Koduri, Intel’s chief architect has taken to Twitter to give us a tease:

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In this Tweet, he talks about how the graphical performance of Intel’s chips has improved over the years. With the pre-production version of 2012’s Crystal Well architecture being compared to the new GPU that Intel is working on and the latter being twenty times faster. 

eTeknix suggests that if these performance claims are true then the Intel Xe HPG GPU may well be comparable to Nvidia’s RTX 3070 graphics card. Although that’s not the company’s best card, it’s still up there with some of the best available to buy at the moment. 

Considering that it’s Intel’s first venture into a fully dedicated graphics card, it’s an impressive feat. Though whether that performance holds up in the real world remains to be seen. 

It does mean that there will be more competition for AMD and Intel and hopefully this will alleviate some of the stock issues we’re seeing with the current GPU offering as well. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.


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