Windows 365 means you can use a Windows PC in the cloud


Microsoft has revealed Windows 365, a service that means you can have Windows PCs in the cloud (called Cloud PCs).

Windows 365 – not to be confused with Microsoft 365 – won’t appeal to most consumers, but businesses will be able to allow their employees to access cloud-based PC installations, even on lower-powered hardware.

That should reduce costs for businesses that need to give remote workers access to upgraded hardware.

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Smaller businesses, for example, could have a Cloud PC that’s used by workers at home on their own computers. Essentially, it’s another tool for hybrid work, those who spend some time at home and some time in the office. 

Permanent remote workers would probably still have a local corporate PC, but there’s no reason why a worker couldn’t use a Cloud PC rather than carrying home a physical laptop if they only worked a day or two at home. 

Windows 365 PCs can be configurable with up to eight virtual CPUs, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. Microsoft demonstrated the technology and it seemed just as speedy as a local PC. 

We don’t yet know how much Windows 365 will cost but as with Microsoft 365 it will no doubt be a monthly fee. 

We’ll get more details on pricing next month, says Microsoft. 


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