XGIMI Elfin Smart LED projector is so small, you can fit it in


(Cybertech) – XGIMI has launched a new 1080p HDR10+ projector for the home called the Elfin Smart LED projector that takes on a more slimline design compared to the company’s previous more stand-up form factor found in its Halo, MoGo Pro, and MoGo Pro+ models.

The new projector is designed to be both small enough and portable enough that you shouldn’t need a host of additional boxes to get the most from it or need to worry about where to store it when not in use, something that can’t always be said for the competition.

Measuring a tiny 192.1mm x 194.19mm x 48.31 mm in size and weighing less just 900 grams, the new projector is powered by Android TV 10.

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Users, once they sign into their Google account will be able to either stream content directly from their Android phone or run streaming services natively like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, and even Apple TV directly via the projector without having to worry about additional set top boxes thanks to included built in Wi-Fi in the device.

The projector even comes with two 3W Harman / Kardon speakers built in, or the ability to connect to a Bluetooth speaker if you want a bigger sound stage. Other connections include a headphone port, HDMI, and USB connections, although the projector doesn’t include an Ethernet connection for those looking for a wired experience.

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Designed to be used around the house, the Elfin Smart LED projector also feature the company’s Auto Keystone Correction and Auto Focus technology.

It’s the same system found on the company’s bigger more capable 4K projectors, like the Horizon 4K projector, and quickly and easily ensures the picture looks good by making sure it’s in focus, and more interestingly, find you an optimal screen size to avoid obstacles on your wall like light switches or picture frames – something that can be overruled if you really want – it’s very clever.

It means that within seconds of turning the projector on you can be up and running and watching your favourite shows rather than spending the first 10 minutes trying to see whether you’ve got the focus right.

We’ve been playing with the new projector ahead of the announcement and are impressed with the performance. While this isn’t an all singing all dancing 4K projector that you might opt to use for a dedicated cinema room – would it be nice to have one of those – it is perfect for making a movie night in your bedroom, garden (if it’s dark) or living room when you want something more exciting than just your TV.

There are limitations, understandable given the price, but the here seems to be the distance you’ll need between it and the wall, especially if you really want to feel like you’re going to the cinema.

With an 800 ANSI lumens powered FHD resolution performance up to a screen size of 200-inches this should create a big enough picture for most, although you will need some distance between you and the wall to get it to those sizes. To get a 120-inch screen you’ll need a distance of 3.2m between it and the wall for example.

The new XGIMI Elfin Smart LED projector costs $649.

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