Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 arriving 10 August, stylus support confirmed


(Cybertech) – It was back in May that there was a titter about Xiaomi reintroducing itself to the tablets market. That then rumour looks to have been solid information, with the Chinese company confirming a 10 August reveal date.

That said, information about the incoming tablet (or perhaps tablets) is limited. However, Xiaomi has confirmed via Chinese social media site, Weibo, that it’ll be called the Mi Pad 5, complete with stylus support. The full supporting image is attached below:

The text roughly translates as “Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 launching 10 August, Lei Jun’s [Xiaomi founder’s] annual speech.” The Weibo post confirms that Jun will take to the stage at 19:30 China Standard Time.

The image also reveals the tablet has an antenna tramline, which would support that the Mi Pad 5 will offer on-the-go connectivity options, perhaps even up to 5G.

Although the image shows just the one device – and notice there’s no curved screen to be seen – the tablet series is expected to comprise the Mi Pad 5, Mi Pad 5 Lite, and Mi Pad 5 Pro.

All three are likely to feature a 10.9-inch LCD screen with 120Hz refresh rate, with the internal hardware likely being what will separate Lite from Pro (Snapdragon 860 versus 870).

Perhaps more interesting than the tablet reveal, however, is that Xiaomi’s Weibo name is ‘Mi Mix 4’, a nod to the incoming handset with under-display camera. That’s also confirmed for the 10 August reveal, so it’ll be a bumper launch event that’s for sure.

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